Therapy Brings More Than Snuggles To Lonely Patient

JJ is a hospice therapy dog who visited a very special woman. She isn't doing well and she doesn't really get visitors. Until JJ arrives. And seeing how he brightens her day and gives her so much comfort through just a little snuggling put tears in my eyes.

I often do bed visits, though never without The Bossy One. This is a lady who has very few people to visit her. She cannot see and often does not wake up, but she did like having her hand on my fur. She was very calm during my visit. We were listening to Yeats, by the way. I was very insistent to have her touch me, more so than usual. We fell asleep later with her hand splayed on my head, both of us snoring (but no proof of that!) I sure can be silly at times, but I also know when to be quiet and present. Her caregivers were very appreciative when they saw this video.

Posted by JJ, Hospice Therapy Dog on Sunday, February 23, 2014