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Job 36:22

    Job 36:22 Translations

    King James Version (KJV)

    Behold, God exalteth by his power: who teacheth like him?

    American King James Version (AKJV)

    Behold, God exalts by his power: who teaches like him?

    American Standard Version (ASV)

    Behold, God doeth loftily in his power: Who is a teacher like unto him?

    Basic English Translation (BBE)

    Truly God is lifted up in strength; who is a ruler like him?

    Webster's Revision

    Behold, God doeth loftily in his power: Who is a teacher like unto him?

    World English Bible

    Behold, God is exalted in his power. Who is a teacher like him?

    English Revised Version (ERV)

    Behold, God doeth loftily in his power: who is a teacher like unto him?

    Clarke's Commentary on Job 36:22

    God exalteth by his power - He has brought thee low, but he can raise thee up. Thou art not yet out of the reach of his mercy. Thy affliction is a proof that he acts towards thee as a merciful Parent. He knows what is best to be done; he teaches thee how thou shouldst suffer and improve. Why sin against his kindness? Who can teach like him?

    Barnes' Notes on Job 36:22

    Behold, God exalteth by his power - The object of Elihu is now to direct the attention of Job to God, and to show him that he has evinced such power and wisdom in his works, that we ought not to presume to arraign him, but should bow with submission to his will. He remarks, therefore, that God "exalts," or rather that God is "exalted," or "exalts himself" (ישׂגיב yaśagiyb) by his power. In the exhibition of his power, he thus shows that he is great, and that people ought to be submissive to him. In support of this, he appeals, in the remainder of his discourse, to the "works" of God as furnishing extraordinary proofs of power, and full demonstration that God is exalted far above man.

    Who teacheth like him? - The Septuagint renders this, δυνάστης dunastēs - "Who is so powerful as he?" Rosenmuller and Umbreit render it Lord: "Who is Lord like him?" But the Hebrew word (מורה môreh) properly means "one who instructs," and the idea is, that there is no one who is qualified to give so exalted conceptions of the government of God as he is himself. The object is to direct the mind to him as he is revealed in his works, in order to obtain elevated conceptions of his government.

    Wesley's Notes on Job 36:22

    36:22 Behold - God is omnipotent; and therefore can, either punish thee far worse, or deliver thee, if thou dost repent. He is also infinitely wise; and as none can work like him, so none can teach like him. Therefore do not presume to teach him how to govern the world. None teacheth with such authority and convincing evidence, with such condescension and compassion, with such power and efficacy as God doth, he teaches by the bible, and that is the best book; by his son, and he is the best master.
    Book: Job