Psalms 122 :2

Psalms 122 :2 Translations

American King James Version (AKJV)

Our feet shall stand within your gates, O Jerusalem.

King James Version (KJV)

Our feet shall stand within your gates, O Jerusalem.

American Standard Version (ASV)

Our feet are standing Within thy gates, O Jerusalem,

Basic English Translation (BBE)

At last our feet were inside your doors, O Jerusalem.

Webster's Revision

Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem.

World English Bible

Our feet are standing within your gates, Jerusalem;

English Revised Version (ERV)

Our feet are standing within thy gates, O Jerusalem;

Definitions for Psalms 122 :2

Clarke's Commentary on Psalms 122 :2

Our feet shad stand - For seventy years we have been exiled from our own land; our heart was in Jerusalem, but our feet were in Chaldea. Now God has turned our captivity, and our feet shall shortly stand within the gates of Jerusalem. What a transition from misery to happiness! and what a subject for rejoicing!

Barnes' Commentary on Psalms 122 :2

Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem - We shall enter the sacred city. It appears now in full view before us - its walls, its palaces, its sacred places. We shall not stand and gaze upon it at a distance; we shall not merely be charmed with its beauty as we approach it; we shall accomplish the object of our desire, and enter within its walls and gates. So the believer approaches heaven - the New Jerusalem above. he will not merely admire its exterior, and look upon it at a distance; but he will enter in. He draws nearer and nearer to it, and as he approaches it when he is dying, its beauty becomes the more charming to his view, and the joy of his heart increases as he now feels the assurance that he will "stand within its gates:" that he will enter there, and dwell there forever. So said Dr. Payson, when approaching the end of life: "The celestial city is full in my view. Its glories beam upon me, its breezes fan me, its odors are wafted to me, its sounds strike upon my ears, and its spirit is breathed into my heart. Nothing separates me from it but the river of death, which now appears but as an insignificant rill, that may be crossed at a single step, whenever God shall give permission. The Sun of Righteousness has been gradually drawing nearer and nearer, appearing larger and brighter as he approached, and now he fills the whole hemisphere - pouring forth a flood of glory, in which I seem to float like an insect in the beams of the sun; exulting, yet almost trembling, while I gaze on this excessive brightness, and wondering with unutterable wonder why God should deign thus to shine upon a sinful worm." Works, i. 407. See also the exquisite description of the glories of heaven, familiar to all, as described by Bunyan, as the Christian pilgrims were about to cross the river of death.

Wesley's Commentary on Psalms 122 :2

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