If you are having trouble viewing the videos, this page should help you. We use a standard open-source flash player that is compatible with virtually all browsers and operating systems. Oftentimes, there are issues beyond our control that will cause a user to have problems viewing the videos. However, here are some common issues that should resolve most problems.

Here are a few steps to take to ensure it'll work.

1) Be sure to upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash Player. Click here to go to Adobe's site to upgrade to the latest FREE flash player

2) Sometimes stored browsing history can interefere with javascript, so be sure to clear your temporary files/cache in your browser. In FireFox, this is located in Tools -> Clear Recent History. In Internet Explorer, it's located in Tools -> Internet Options.

3) Upgrade to the latest version of whatever browser you're using. Here are the links to make sure you're using the latest version:

  • Latest Mozilla Firefox
  • Latest Microsoft Explorer
  • Latest Google Chrome

  • - Although Godvine videos should play in all browsers, we only recommend one of the three listed above. If you still can't get the videos to play in your browser, try one of the other three, particularly Google Chrome works well.

    4) Run a virus scan on your computer to make sure it's all cleared out. We recommend the following two programs: AVG (Free Edition) and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Download and install these programs, and then keep them updated and run them at least once per week. These two programs are great for keeping your PC free of viruses and malicious software.

    Something else to note - if you are using dial up internet access or a very slow internet provider, that could also be the reason that it won't load. Streaming videos online requires a broadband connection.

    - Attention AOL Users - if you are having issues viewing the videos, the AOL default browser is probably the reason. Please download one of the browsers listed above as they are much more compatible with most Web sites.