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when a person dies do their souls go to heaven or on Judgement day

  • Question: when a person dies do their souls go to heaven or on Judgement day

Answers to this Question

  • If you die in Christ, you immediately go to be with Him!

  • We know from Scripture that before Jesus death burial, resurrection and ascension that the saints were kept in an area called paradise: (Luke 16:22-23) (Luke 16:26) (John 20:17) Jesus said he had not yet ascended to the Father, then Paradise was not located in heaven, but it was very near to hell, where they could see one another.

    So now when anyone dies the spirit, not soul (your soul is your mind, your intellect, you emotions, you 5 physical senses)goes straight to heaven or straight to hell. There is no purgatory, there is no more paradise, we go straight.

  • No your spirit goes to heaven your soul(mind and emotions) will be redeemed at the last trump, when Christ gathers the children at what the world calls the rapture.

  • Yes that true..Understand need accpect become christian believe God and jesus..Before go died or rapture..Go heaven meet face to face God will judgement that it..That real very importment be prepare are u ready go die and go heaven want meet to see God?..I can't wait ready want rapture and must beaustiful go heaven home peace forever

  • "the Mark of the Beast" is the enforcement of SUNday worship!
    Vatican's "New World Order"
    "Sunday laws must be enforced"- quoted as "principles contained in the Constitution" of the orginial organization, (then called The American Sabbath Union), cited in The Lord's Day Alliance, Twenty-fifth Report, page 5
    source : Remnantofgod.org

  • http://www.truthaboutdeath.com/free-resources/video-library/id/1612/can-we-communicate-with-the-dead.aspx this might be helpfull as when we die we dont go anywere except to sleep and we know nothing hear nothing and our Spirit which is our breath returns to God who gave it to us or Adam , after He formed Adam of the dirt He breathed into his nose it was oxygen and that is what returns to Him and we sleep until Christ returns , check out http://www.amazingfacts.org/about-us/our-other-websites.aspx you will enjoy these ore just amazingfacts.org many great resouses here and all from the Bible

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