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Paving the road?

  • Question: Paving the road?

    I'm curious if anyone here shares this opinion or not. I feel that obama is not the anti christ as some believes, but I do feel that he is paving the road for the anti christ. Much like what John did for Jesus. I mean, he is making known the rf chip (which I heard prophesied in 1994 when I recieved Jesus). Right now it is supposedly just for health care, but obviously will shortly turn into financial.

    I did hear a few years ago that the anti christ will come out of the European Nation, and unless I'm mistaken, Kenya is in the European Nation. But if I remember correctly, in Revelations, it talks about someone coming to pave the way for the anti christ.

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  • I heard that Obama was taking about the rf chip, so you may be right, that he can prepare the way for the anticrist.
    But Kenya is in Africa, its not European nation, its not in Europe.Look at the map of the world. God bless

  • Thanks for clearing that up about European nation. I'm not very geological intelligent, but for some reason, I thought it was. Actually glad I am wrong though.

  • I have heard that the European nation is Turkey

  • I don't believe the antichrist will be from the European nations, but from Islam. The Mahdi of the Muslims closely matches the antichrist of the Bible.
    And in that Obama is Muslim, it is possible that he could be, but I don't believe that he is.

  • @heavykevy Muslims version is similar to that of Christians they have someone like jesus his name was just different. And texan I don't think President Obama is the anti Christ but if he is preparing the way idk but what we have to realize these presidents are puppets so with the chip I'm sure someone pitched the idea that it would be convenient and he said ok. I believe it is the mark of the beast that revelation speaks of but I think by the time it comes into effect hopefully Jesus will have returned

  • Also texan if you look up barak in the bible it speaks of a man who will speak powerful words I can say our president does that but like I said he could just be a puppet like bush was just President Obama is a smart puppet

  • We all know someone will usher in the anti-christ and maybe it is Mr.Obama. We know that Europe will become totally anti Christian. And we all know about the one world government Mr. Obama is trying to achieve will come to being. But please remember we will lose the battle but win the war. Our response is to share the gospel of Christ to all we can and save as many as we can before this happens. God Bless you all

  • OI am not an expert but I don't believe that the coming of the anti .Christ can be compared to the coming of Jesus. I think Obama does share many similar traits that the antichrist but there have been many prior 2 him who have as we'll. many predictions have been made about the antiChrist that have not come true. Before the end times begin certain prophecies must be fulfilled that have yet to take place. One off these is that every people group in the world will have heard the Gospel message and this has not yet happened. In my opinion what God would desire for us to do is grow in our own personal rel with Him, loving Him, serving Him., keeping our eyes on Him. he will reveal what He wants his children to know when He desires us to. We are to keep seeking and keep believing. It's easy to get caught in trying to figure out what is going to happen when and how. This can take our focus off God which is exactly what the enemy works hard to get us to do. I believe God says not to worry about Tom but focus on today. Growing in our rel with Him wil enable us to understand all that He needs us to do. My greatest need is to,love and know Him Better everyday. he is Lord of all among many other things. Many things Christians can get caught in trying to figure out and worry about are up to Him. It is always best to listen toHim above al else and know He holds us in His hand.

  • He is the president still of the united states and we as Christians should honor him. We may not honor or accept what he is bringing on this country but God has put him in that position to bring about certain things....

    It doesn't mean to be sloppy and say untrue things but it does mean to respect him in his current position of authority.

    Just my 2 cents on what i came across this week God bless ya

  • While I was in the middle of praying, I acknowledged the man in the white horse, set out to conquer and conquering, carrying a bow in his hand. From the the 6 chapter of Revelation, I believe.

    In my view, this man on the white horse, who gets released to conquer, is the antichrist.

    He DOES NOT get released to fulfill end time prophesies UNTIL the first bowl is released. From what I gather, Jesus HAS NOT opened up the seal yet, which result in the first bowl, the antichrist's "arrival on the scene."

    Because we are still in the 3rd chapter of the Book, the antichrist may likely be someone UNKNOWN right now. In fact, he may be someone considered "a nobody" at the present moment. He may BEGIN to be seen as a "somebody" after the first bowl is presented to this world.

    I believe that the fourth chapter, which also says "get up here," with the door opened to heaven,(as that may not be in the exact wording,) is the rapture of the Church and innocence.

    Sometime afterwards, will be the arrival of the antichrist.

    In my view, if we can point out somebody and state that he is the antichrist, seeing that the first bowl was not poured out yet, that person may not be the antichrist.

    I now believe that the antichrist will remain anonymous, until once the beast ressurects from him. Then the antichrist will be REVEALED, which is the start of the Great Tribulation.

    People presently suspect 3 different people as being the antichrist, but until my recent prayer, I recognize that the antichrist will NOT BE revealed until the time when the Great Tribulation is to begin.

    I think there are good reasons to suspect the given 3 that people believe presently. I myself was absolutely convinced of one in general. But now, in my view, the antichrist will not presented to the world, getting known by the world, until after the rapture, at the introduction of the first seal being poured out.

    I could be wrong though.

  • Excuse me, I meant to say, that I now believe that the antichrist will not be rightfully revealed as the antichrist, as such revelation introduces the start of the antichrist, at the last 3 1/2 years.

    Until then, I do not think people worldwide will point fingers at him, labelling him as such. As Scripture say he will be revealed THEN, and will be SET OUT to conquor at the pouring of the first bowl.

  • If I am not mistaken, the raptured Church and innocence may NOT know who the antichrist is, as such groups would have been taken to heaven before he is SET OUT to be known worldwide, as it will be years later until he plays out what prophesy states about him, in my belief.

  • Excuse me again, I meant to say the first seal, not bowl.

    But I can't shake off this particular person.
    I mentioned this before, look up if you wish, "Obama's Dream of my father, the devil" online. Of him speaking about a dream he had years earlier.

    In it, he says, "day turned into night, lifeless eyes bore unto him, If only it was time, shaking, THE THUNDEROUS SOUND OF A LEOPARD....."

    It is the leopard part that I wonder about. Isn't feet as a bear, mouth of a lion, and face of a LEOPARD a description in the Book of Revelation 13:2?

    In his dream, he mentions leopard.....

    I know that the man on the white horse, in my view from the Book of Daniel, the antichrist is the King of the North.

  • the best thing to know is that you are saved and you are a christain.that way you don't have to worry about it.god will take care of his children.god bless you all.

  • I see that I still believe what I believe, convincingly from that 1 minute clip. I think the man is just the king of the north now. Just a ruler of his country. But would not become antichrist until he is the "go to guy with the answers" as to why the "major, global crisis" had occured. I think he will influentially handle the situation in anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Christ manners. Then become the beast later.

  • That's right David,
    But it's ok to talk about it.

    There is a reason the attributes of the antichrist are in the Bible. I believe it is possible the antichrist will be known to some before the rapture.

    Daniel 11:36-39 gives us a good look at his character;
    v.36 He shall do according to his will, magnifying himself above every god, and speak against the God of gods.

    v. 37 "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers" This is telling me that his heritage is from a godly background. What nations in the world have the history of being founded on the God of the Bible? America and Israel, who else?

    v.37 "nor desire the use of women" Some translations say "he will not be married" these are bad translations that do this. He could be married for show but he will do that which is abominable in the sight of God.

    v. 37 " nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

    v.38 "But in his estate shall he honor the God of forces," The worship of the "God of forces" can only refer to some form of evolutionary pantheism, and any such system ultimately leads to Satanism. If you dig down into Darwin's evolution, it teaches that because of 'desire' things evolve into higher beings, Like the A-sexual being that split into female and male counter parts, The female portion desiring long hair, slender fingers, etc.. while the male portion desired hair on the face, deep voice, etc... Psalms 100:3 confirms this belief of people believing in themselves with these god-like qualities, "For it is He who hath made us and NOT WE ourselves."

    v.38 "...he shall honor (it/ the god) with gold...silver...precious stones, and pleasant things."

    Satan will give his king power (Rev.13:2) , enabling him to require all men to worship him as the great god-man (Highest Intelligence, most evolved)of the world.

  • This is my "opinion" on as to what will happen, regarding the rapture and the antichrist. I get some of this from the Left Behind series;

    One day, the rapture of the church will happen. Millions of people will suddenly disappear. At that time, there will be so much confusion going on in the world, that someone will have to take charge to calm everyone down, giving them a sense of order. So, in comes the antichrist, setting up his throne. And because he appears at that particular time, and because of the beast, many will follow him. Then, let the 7 yr. tribulation begin.

  • I agree with Heavykevy, The antichrist is mostly likely a Moslem, there scriptures are simply the bible twisted, they are waiting for there messiah who is not Jesus, this the definition of Antichrist, but it can still be O'bama, if you don't think he's Moslem you haven't been paying attention and Kissinger already said he was grooming him for the one world order and the only way he could do it is to destroy the U.S. dollar and he is doing an extraodinary job, no man on earth could do it as fast as he is.

  • I saw that Obama was declared the New World Order leader, by the Bildenburg group and he had already signed for Unites States to be apart of /belong to the European Nation.

    The Antichrist is considered to be King of the North, and the leader of the One World Government. North America's military is the strongest and powerfulest in this planet, considered more superior than China and Russia.

    The antichrist begins as being unknown. Then becomes a ruler of his country. I believe it is Tribulation Period when he "sets forth to conquor and conquing," successfully doing what he is allowed to, to lead the whole globe. And it is the Great Tribulation when such leadership truly comes to being.

    If the antichrist is to come out of the European Nation, well, the United States is not only a part of the North AMerican Union, but APART OF the EUROPEAN UNION too.

  • excuse me, not apart of the european union, but signed for it. I guess only time will tell if such is true.

  • Then many claim that Obama is of Roman ethnic background, and that him, the Bushs, the England royal family, and past American presidents are related, of illuminati shared bloodline.

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