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GodVine is excited to offer you an expanded, more complete way to get biblical answers to common questions many Christians have about Christ our Savior. Starting April 21, this page will be replaced with access to a more complete, searchable page answering many of the important questions people have about God.

Many people have questions about Jesus, and on this site you will find biblical answers to the most common questions asked about the birth and life of Christ, his ministry and disciples, and of course the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

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  • What is this?

    As a believer ive been having alot of spiritual attacks with lust, this is the second night in a row where the devil tried to use my dreams to get me to sin in lust, but when i woke up i noticed that on my arm were 3 marks, they looked like finger prints. I sont think i couldve laid on anything? I slept on my right side almost the entire night. And theres only pillows and blankets on my bed so i have no idea how this could show up?

  • Can Christians believe that the earth is millions of years ago ? Bible sticks with approx 6000 years old theory but i'm sincerely not buying it. Its simple science (and geology). Does that make me a fake Christian?

  • Can Christians Be Angry?

  • I was just wondering what it could mean ? I am having a hard time and I did ask God for help and I prayed..Basically it was something about a picture of holy mary that I painted,then holy marry appeared in my dreams and took the painting and then jesus appeard and holy mary gave him the paining. Then when he was holding it he was looking at me with this deep look ...I know its sounds crazy but that was my dream heh and I want to know if it means anything ?

  • We got to know each other about a month we met in person. On a Wednesday. N he went to jail the next day. There has been times where I feel things are keeping me from seeing him two weekends my keys got locked in my car before going to visitation and slot of fighting and frustrating. Moment Moments in a short period of time we have strong feelings for each other n he claims that I'm a big impacted in his life n he thanks me everyday for helping him change his ways. And also I met his after a car accident he had back in Dec he was in critical. Condition. I feel like God gave him another chance in life to change his ways n I was brought into his life to help him and guide him in a better path

  • No more answer page?

    Do I understand the notice correctly? I enjoy coming to this page so much. I enjoy seeing questions answered by "every day Joes", and not just another website. When I want answers from a webmaster, I only go to gotquestions.org. I mainly come here to ask because the answers can vary from person to person, which leads to different conclusions, some are deceiving, some are correct. Sure, there are trouble makers here, sure there are some false teachers here, but I still enjoy asking, reading responses, and reading other people's questions. I also have another question if anyone knows; Will we still have our profiles where we can at least message each other, or will that be gone also? What about the prayer page? Will that be gone also? What about the other sections? Will Godvine just cease to exist? If so, that really saddens me.

  • I go to athletics twice a week and the competitions are usually on sundays which happens to be on at the same time. There is only church once a week but our church has a youth group aswell. Many thanks! :-D

  • People believe God has cured them of all sorts of aliments. But they're all things that could have been cured by something else. Things that are impossible for modern medicine or the immune system to cure, like the regrowing of a severed limb, are never done by God. Why is that?

  • When Jesus turned to the women and said, "Daughters od Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children. for the time will come when you will say,'blessed are the childless women, the wombs that never bore and the brests that never nursed!' "They will say to the mountains, "Fall on us!" and to the hills,"Cover us!" (I dont understand what this passage means"

  • Friday April 18,2014 at 7:30 PM or Sunday April 20,2014 7:30PM

  • Our church just made a Young Adults & Young Couples group since the numbers of the young adults and young couples are increasing. Before that we only had a singles group to support the young singles. The former singles group leader whom I respect very much has become the main leader of the Young Adults & Young Couples group and has also appointed a young couple who just got married last year in our church, where the husband just became a Christian 2 years ago to become the leaders of this new Young Adult & Young Couples group to assist her. It is obvious that this young couple is not spiritually mature at all, and it seems like they were chosen to become the leader to help her (the main leader) just because they are good friends and hangs out a lot (having dinners at each other’s home etc). There are much more mature young adult couples in our church whom are more spiritual mature and I feel fit to become the leader of the Young Adult group so I am having a difficulty respecting this Young Adults & Young Couples group leadership and I feel really frustrated seeing this young couple trying to lead the group when it is obvious that they are not spiritually mature at all, but is so supported by the main leader (whom as I said before, I respect very much).
    I know I have to respect the leaderships in church and I have been praying and seeking God for answers, but honestly it is really frustrating.
    What would you do if you were in my situation?
    What does the bible say about this kind of situation?

  • The last girl hurt me i had a dream last night .im a gamer. And in it their was armour call purgatory armour i looked it up and it means before heaven so i would like to know if you guys think its a sign or not

  • If the Blood of Christ washes EVERYONE white as snow (even the thick as Ignorant!) What will be the purpose of Judgement day and the Lambs book of Life; when Christ will come to get His folowers.

  • That day is the most important day of my life and it means so much to me. Its not going to be ANYTHING elaborate, just the date with a reference to a verse that guides me every day. It would be on my side, foot or some other respectably unnoticeable place.......

  • (Please don't hate me for my opinion on novel writing. I just need an answer.)

    Regarding the answers from my previous question, I am concerned that writing fiction might be sinful. I wasn't trying to fool an audience or mislead it. In my opinion (please don't hate me for this), fantasy fiction is supposed to be for readers to visualize unreality and the heroic yet tragic adventures and misadventures within it. I don't use it for blasphemy or anything. I just enjoy world-building.

    Although, regarding the sin of falsehood and lies, I don't know whether my hobby is considered sinful.

    Is fiction writing, with no intention of blasphemy, lies, trickery, or deceit, but just a gift of imagination printed to enlighten the creativity, vision, and inspiration of others, as well as giving the audience a glorious, suspenseful journey and epic background, really immoral or sinful?

  • I've been doing excessively masturbating and fantasizing while looking at Yiff too much. I want to apologize to the Holy Spirit, but I don't know what to say.

  • Is cursing a sin?

    If it is and this goes for other sins to like lying if I slip up and sin. If I stop then and pray and apologize and ask for forgiveness will I be forgiven or would I have to asked to be saved again and pray to be forgiven?

  • Can I save Myself?

    I went to a christian camp when I was younger and I was asked if I wanted to be save. If I wanted to ask Jesus to forgive my sins and accept Jesus into my heart and then I after I was told to repeat a prayer. Can I do this myself? If so what do I say?

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