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  • Hello. I am Jean-Pierre Irie, and I am 13 years old. I want to change my motives and my behavior. I used to sin too many times, and I disrespected my elders. Worst of all, I failed to follow the virtues of G-d. So, I’m trying to change my perspective of things. I’m currently trying to use sexual deprivation to keep me from performing self-carnal deeds (masturbation), taking off-time from Yiff and the internet, and trying to get in the habit of reading the bible on Sundays and worshipping the holy spirit at home instead of church, and I am deciding to stop using vulgar language and I’ll use substitutes instead (i.e. Donkey instead of A--). In addition, I’m refraining from blaspheming and ignoring the existence of the Holy Spirit, and I am going to refrain from being a ghetto African American.

    Although, I don’t think that my friends, family, and G-d would forgive me for my deeds. I currently show reverence for the spirit and Jesus, but in the bible:

    “Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.”

    Though, I didn’t say anything bad about the Holy Spirit, but I just thought life was against me, when it really wasn’t. I didn’t blame G-d, but I did blame life for my failure, and now I regret every cynical thought. Also, I was forced by my online friends to do prank calls, since it was hard for me to say no to mostly anything, and I was told to prank call the church. I didn’t necessarily speak badly about the spirit, but I’m afraid I might’ve done blasphemy for saying that time existed before the spirit.

    Anyway, I regret all my cynical, disrespectful, sinful deeds, and I want to change. However, I think that no one can forgive my dependence, unorthodox ideas, pessimism, sins, etc. In fact, I don’t even think that I deserve to go to heaven after my acts of immorality. But, I don’t care about going to heaven anymore; I just want to make up for my abysmal qualities so that if I go to hell, I will know that I’ve done some good deeds in my lifetime. If I go to hell, I know that spirit made the right decision.

    Truly, I can’t forgive myself, and I want to become moral, or at least neutral.

    My questions are:

    Can I be forgiven for my disgraceful, sinful actions?

    Am I able to change my ways, even if I’m truly immoral or a son to sin?

    Is it blasphemy if I think about disrespectful thoughts about life, rather than the Holy Spirit?
    What can do to make it up to my friends, family, acquaintances, and the Holy Spirit and have them pardon my ominous, vile immorality, misconduct, ingratitude, and dependence?

    How can I make up for my blasphemy, even if it can’t be forgiven for it?

    How can I show the Holy Spirit that revere and follow him?

    Will I still have salvation after all my sins, even if I committed blasphemy?

  • Today I sat at the bus stop at the mall with my girlfreind just having a conversation when three teenage boys(I am also a teenage boy) walked by saying inappropriate things and using obscene hand gestures as well. This didnt bother me because I dont let people get to me, but my girlfriend was almost brought to tears. I did nothing but pray for them. Is that enough? Can I just stand by and allow this type of taunting to my girlfreind or any friend for that matter or can I walk over and throw punches(in this situation I would have been beaten to a pulp, I am a relatively small person)? I have been struggling with this in my mind but today it happened and I was helpless. I let down my woman, but I think I was being the bigger person. Should I have said anything at all? Any advise is welcome. Thanks and God bless!

  • why does so many people look so hard to try to find any excuse not to believe in god? I mean its simple believe or don't believe. but I have seen many look hard and even make stuff up to give them an excuse not to believe. why? any idea?

  • They said that Jesus is the son of God, and we all are children of God. How do we know that when they were writing the bible that Jesus was the actual essence of God if man wrote the bible and man is faulty.

  • ashamed

    In anger I did a bad thing, I repented, asked for forgiveness that person, but I hate myself how could I do this as a christian, I am ashamed.

  • We know the constant speed of light, so if there are stars that are millions of light years away, how could we see their light if the earth was created such a short time ago? Where there other stars before the earth was created?

  • change

    I have read that this answer page will be remove by new answer page, different, more complete. Is that correct? Have somebody else noticed it?

  • hello ???

    whosoever calls on the name of the lord shall be saved acts 2;21

    not everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be saved matthew 7;21


  • In addition to the facts of humanity,what does it mean(Born)of the seed of David tells us about Christ?

  • As ridiculous as this sounds, i've never felt good enough in the eyes of god. I grew up with an alcoholic mother who i had to look after a lot of the time and who made me feel like i wasn't worthy.
    When I found god when I was eighteen I thought that feeling of low self esteem would change but it hasn't.
    This year I really wanted to be on the committee at the Christian union at University and i worked really hard, i'm on the worship team, welcome team and events team and i show up early every week even when i'm not on team. As part of the events team i took on the task of organising a six week alpha course which included booking speakers, arranging the venue and catering which was challenging but worthwhile and was an absolute hit.
    The current committee choose the next committee by praying for each position and i really wanted to chosen and was absolutely gutted, especially when i found out that my friend (who is totally worthy btw) got to be on the committee twice and is now head of the events team.
    I shouldn't be so upset about this but I feel slightly rejected by god and don't know how to change this, any help?

  • Animals in heaven, resurrection of animals

  • So, I had cancer, a tumor on my liver when I was 1 year old, He saved me and saw something in me and gave me another chance to live. I grew up in church and my parents were the youth pastors. I always had the pressure to be a perfect child, I obviously, never was.
    Well all school was a bummer, my self esteem was crap and I didn't want to be alive, high school was the worst thing that could ever happen to me after cancer, I couldn't finish it cause of all the bullying and crap other people would do to me. I had to study at home. My parents got divorced over a stupid thing, which is my fault, I know mant people say this but it really was my fault, for my 16 bday I wanted to go to the beach to see the World Surfing Cup we'd have in my country, my dad said no, and the problems began, mom got him to say yes and I invited some friends of MINE to go with us, kids I've met all my life.
    When we got there my dad called my mommy and he told her a lot of crap and bad words, telling her she slept with one of the 17 years old that was there with us. My mom and I slept in the same bed... Well, I didn't sleep cause of the heat, so I know she didn't do anything. My father ruined my mother's feelings and mine for him, he called us horrible things and yelled at us when we got home, he told us 11 times to get out of the house, which is his house, we couldnt leave cause we had nobody or nowhere to go. All my mom's family began to say that my father was right and my mom and I were sluts. My dad's family thought the same.
    Since then, my mom and I have been living in my room, barely using the rest of the house when my dad is at home, he rarely buys food or something, we don't have shampoo, or deodorant, I have a computer that a lady gave to me and I managed to make 10 dollars a week so I can pay internet, we did this so we could try to find jobs and start to live like people,cause if you had a glimpse of my house and how we're living you just wouldn't believe it.

    I have prayed, and I have faith and everything you might tell me, but now I'm just too sick of it, I have told him I cannot do this anymore, I have asked Him why he saved me if He knew I'd had to live like this... People keep telling me God has a great plan for me... Honestly I'm starting to believe God's plan is for me to suffer.

    Mom and I have tried to get jobs, I swear we have, mom wakes up everyday in the morning and goes out to try to get something, and I try to find jobs on the internet, I mean, things to apply online.. I got called to some interviews but I never get called back again... My mother and I are starving, basically. We have been using the same clothes for about 5 years now, mom has to fix her underwear all the freaking time, I hate all this situation. I have been thinking of becoming a webcam girl and make money online to get a decent living to me and my mother. I don't care about me, about my body, I don't care about anything...
    Except one thing, my boyfriend, we're in long distance, he's in the US and he's a youth pastor, such a sweetheart. He keeps telling me all the things that people say to me all the time... I'm constantly depressed and all I want to do is cry and disappear.

    I just don't know what to do, I think I have waited long enough, I'm too weak and all my strenght is gone, I have asked Him for help, I have been doing this for 5 years, mom has been doing the same, we watch church on TV cause we can't afford to go the actual chruch, I'm just too sick of all this crap and I'm about to give up.

  • Repeated Sin:

    Ok, if you have a specific problem that you struggle with resisting. If you keep on saying you're sorry, and you're sincere and trying to resist it, but a day later you sin it again! Is that a mockery of his grace? How do you pray to overcome it... When we're born in Christ our body is dead, too... Right

    - Mason

  • An assembly is having problems; dishonesty, extortion, and unscriptural practices are being covered up by elders. One couple leaves and another follows. The second couple asks for a letter of transfer and receives a letter of commendation but is told they will recieve a letter of transfer at a private meeting. This private meeting between the couple and thier elders is scheduled and canelled by the elders, not once but three different times. After this fact this couple has been contacted and accepted by the associating assembly. For 7 months this couple has been without trouble in their new assembly and are productive, happy, and active. Now keep mind 7 months, the original hall has contacted the new assembly and demanded that the couple be "return" for discipline. However when the elders are asked why and what for, they have no scriptural answers just excuses. What is the obligation to the old assembly? How are the new elders suppose to respond to the old elders? PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH SCRIPTURE AS POSSIBLE since this will more than likely become a scriptural war.

  • I am corresponding with a university student in India.

  • Knowing when to Give?

    i just wanna know sum imput on knowing when to give, i have a family member whos a drug addict and he knows im a christian, in the bible it say to give to the needy but im not sure if he would even be considered a needy person when he has a job and knows God himself yet constantly damages himself and ask for money when he has used all his money on drugs, is it even right to give money when i know its not being used for something good???

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