These 20 Animal Parents are Loving Their Babies. No.19 Made Me Aaawww!

1. They are up to their necks in love.




3. It takes a village.


4. Family hug… Awww!


5. Tickle tickle tickle time!


6. I hope that you have a good little hump day this week.






9. Hanging on mamas tail.


10. Peek-a-boo




12. Always stay beside mama, not behind her!




14. No one likes when their mom does this.


15. “Okay son, this is how you stand like a human”


16. All mommas know how to balance the babies.


17. Under mommy’s wings



19. Who knew that bears slept with bears too?!?!?


20. Now this is how you cuddle!

Psalm 91:4


Credit: Sunny Skyz