11 Animals That Mate for Life - Proof That Marriage is Natural

In this modern world, many people believe that marriage is flawed. They claim that animals don't mate for life and that monogamy isn't natural for us. God told us that marriage is a sacred vow between a man and woman... and it is encouraged. It's not to be taken lightly; marriage is a lifelong commitment. 


These 11 animals mate for life, proving that monogamy IS natural. It's so heartwarming to see God's creatures be so loyal to each other:


1. Gibbons: these primates mate for life and not only that, but they are extremely loyal and affectionate with their mate. 



2. French angelfish: there are even sea creatures that are together for life. These angelfish spend all of their time with their mate. They hunt, travel and defend their territory together.



3. Swans: these beautiful birds are well known for having monogamous relationships. They choose their lifelong mate and always stay by their side.



4. Black vultures: you may not assume that these rough-looking birds mate for life, but they do. Just like the swans, they are very close to their mate. If there is ever infidelity, the mate will become upset.



5. Turtle doves: doves make everyone think of love and loyalty. For hundreds of years, doves have been a symbol of love. 



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