Big Sister Blows Kisses On Brain-Dead Baby And Gets A Miracle

Poppy Smith was born a tiny warrior. As a preemie, she had to fight to survive right away. After overcoming so many obstacles in her first year of life, the baby girl suffered hypoxic brain damage at two. Doctors didn't think she'd survive, let alone ever walk or talk. Then everything changed when her big sister blew kisses on her belly!


Credit: PA Real Life


Rocky First Year


Poppy came into this world fighting. Born at 29 weeks, she weighed just 2 pounds and spent three months on a neonatal ward. When she finally went home with her parents, Amy and Stephen, things still weren't quite right.



Her parents noticed little Poppy often dribbled her food. Doctors diagnosed her with Moebius syndrome, a disorder where the facial muscles don't work properly. Doctors warned Amy and Stephen that Poppy's development could very well be delayed. In fact, they said she may never walk or talk normally.


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But this little angel wouldn't be stopped that easily!


"They said that she might not walk or talk, but she started walking at 15 months, which is quite average for a premature baby," her dad said. "It was amazing to see her doing all those things."


By Poppy's first birthday, they were able to remove her feeding tube. Each day she grew stronger, and her progress amazed her doctors.


But her battle wasn't done yet.