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Fighting For Life Again


After turning one, Poppy was doing great. But then, just a few days before her second birthday, things went terribly wrong.


Credit: PA Real Life


Amy went to wake Poppy and couldn't get the little girl up. Nothing she tried snapped little Poppy out of it.


"We could feel her heartbeat, but she was unresponsive," Stephen recalled. "We knew there was something seriously wrong. She was breathing but she was sort of gasping for air."


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They rushed Poppy to the hospital, and by the next day she was doing much better. But two days later, on her second birthday in December, things again took a nasty turn.

"Her eyes were starting to roll to the back of her head," said Stephen. "A chest x-ray showed that her lungs were full of fluid and she had another respiratory arrest. That night she started to develop twitches and seizures. She was deteriorating fast."


Doctors ran tests, and a few days later they had bad news. An MRI scan showed Poppy had severe hypoxic brain damage.


"I asked if she was going to walk or talk again, but they said they didn't even know if she was going to survive. When it started to sink it, it was heartbreaking," Stephen explained. "They told us we had to wait and see, but it wasn't looking good. I just wanted them to tell me that she was going to be ok."