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Defying The Odds


And Poppy proved it by continuing to get better each and every day.


Credit: GoFundMe


She just kept improving, learning to speak and crawl all over again.


"We couldn't believe it. It's been just eight weeks. It's incredible. She's progressed so much," her dad explained. "The doctors are baffled. They say that she shouldn't be doing what she is doing. They are so glad she is, but they didn't think she would. She's proving them all wrong."


This little fighter has proven yet again she won't let anything keep her down. And how sweet that after her big sister blew kisses, God would use that loving moment to send a miracle!


Friends, family and strangers have been raising money for Poppy so that her parents can move her to a rehabilitation facility. There, she will get intense physical therapy to help her regain more and more mobility.


We'll continue to be praying for little Poppy and her progress. God's clearly given this precious child a special purpose!


h/t: GodUpdates

A baby born with no heartbeat gets a miracle when his mom nurses him!