16 Perfectly Timed Animal Photos You'll Love

God's wonderful creations are all around you... but how often do you stop and take time to appreciate them? We bet it isni't very often. We get consumed with how busy our own lives are so often, it's hard to stop and smell the roses. 


Well, here is your chance. :) These are 16 perfectly time photos of cats you'll LOVE. They are cool, they'll make you laugh and most importantly they will give you time to appreciate the beauty and complexity of God's creation. Enjoy!


1.) Cats can sometimes walk on water, too.



2.) Ah, the glorious circle of life.



3.) When playing with your pets, think outside of the box.



4.) An animal's grace and beauty can sometimes surprise you.



5.) Our pets remind us to be silly. :)



6.) Like, very silly!



7.) Sometimes, animals will blow your mind with their grace.



8.) Remember to have fun with your furry family members.



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