15 Cute Reasons Why You Should be Having a Good Day - Page 2

8.) A little English bulldog would stay in bed with you ALL day!

9.) Darling the Rottweiler needs you to know how much she loves you.

10.) A goldendoodle puppy needs YOU to warm his paws and snuggle on a cold winter's day.

11.) Copper the mixed breed really wants to listen to your problems.

12.) One lonely puppy is just waiting to play with you!

13.) Hugo knows that life can be hard, so just let him touch you with his wet nose! :P

14.) Lonestar the hound thinks you need to jump into his doggie bed and give him a good pet.

15.) And finally, this fluffy border collie wants to play and make YOUR day!

See? There are 15 good reasons why you should feel great today. All of these warm, fuzzy puppies want to be your friend - and just looking at them should cheer you up! Enjoy the day, it's a gift! :)