25 Amazing Images that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


This world can be full of so many dark things - world hunger, war, strife. That's why it's easy to lose sight of how good humans are, naturally. But you won't feel that way for long!


These are the 25 most heartwarming images on the internet, ones that show you that mankind is truly good. From feeding the hungry to rescuing helpless animals, this images will restore your faith in humanity.


1.) A kind child helps a homeless man by giving him something to eat on a cold winter's day.



2.) When a motorcyclist violently wrecked into a car, onlookers braved the flames to pull out the unconcious man from the wreckage. They risked their lives for someone they didn't know by lifting a car that was on fire - simply amazing.


3.) During one man's dying moments, all he wanted to do was be next to his lifelong best friend - his dog.


4.) While forest fires were raging in Australia, a kind firefighter saw a koala that was extremely dehydrated. Instead of passing on to continue with his tasks, he stopped and made sure the poor creature had something to drink.


5.) A caring man washes the feet of complete strangers, playing out a Biblical act and showing so many people kindness and respect they didn't usually get.


6.) During a high school softball game, a girl injured herself while at bat. Instead of letting her struggle, the opposing team carried her around the bases so that she could score.


7.) This firefighter rescued a housecat from a house that was fully engulfed in flames. To show its appreciation, the burnt little cat started snuggling with his hero.


8.) To help people during a terrible economy, a drycleaner in the city offered to clean the outfit of any unemployed person. That way, anyone looking to get a job could be presentable and clean during their interview.