25 Amazing Images that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity - Page 2

9.) A tourist gives his sandals to a local in a third world country. He noticed that she didn't have any shoes of her own, so he gladly gave his up.


10.) Young couple gets their meal paid for by an older couple trying to pass on kindness and good parenting skills - a touching display of kindness.


11.) This small kitten was saved by a firefighter from a house fire. The firefighter didn't leave the kitten's side after rescuing it, though. He knew that she might need some extra love and attention, so he monitored her and gave her oxygen in case she was suffering from smoke inhalation.


12.) During a raging flood, a man risks life and limb to transport a basket of newborn kittens across a flooded river and out of the danger zone. Most people wouldn't do this for someone they knew, let alone little kitties!


13.) Kind tourist makes the day of a little girl when he gives her a flower - just look at the smile on her face, you know she will remember this for a lifetime.


14.) Two small boys saw an abandoned puppy struggling to get out of a drainage ditch. Together, they made sure the little guy was out of harm's way, even if that meant spending a lot of time risking their own safety to get him out.


15.) It's not just soup kitchens that feed the homeless! Subway, a well known chain restaurant, was offering free meals to the homeless in a certain city. The owner of this particular franchise knew that it was better to take care of others than to pad his profit margin.


16.) During protests in Brazil, a general pleaded with the protestors, saying it was his birthday and he didn't want any violence. What those protestors did to celebrate a stranger's birthday was absolutely heartwarming.