25 Amazing Images that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity - Page 3

17.) Best friends don't have to be of the same species! This cat and little boy share a close bond, even if they have trouble communicating with each other. Swing buddies for life!


18.) During a track meet, one competitor collapsed while running. Instead of passing her by and beating her, an opposing runner helped the injured athlete cross the finish line.


19.) During flash floods, a man in Australia saw a kangaroo nearly drowning. Although the kangaroo is a wild animal, he braved the waters and saved the little guy.


20.) In the UK, two friends noticed that a lost sheep was stuck in the waters near a violent and rocky shore. They couldn't just let the little guy drown, so into the icy waters they went! In the end, both the sheep and the boys were okay.


21.) Christians apologize to the gay community for all of the hurt and suffering they caused them...


22.) And the people who were there were crying with joy, happy to be accepted back into the fold by their Christian brothers and sisters. Truly touching!


23.) Just because we are individuals, it doesn't mean we have to go through our trials alone in this world. :)


24.) Soldiers may be fighting wars, but that doesn't mean they aren't human. This soldier cradles a child in enemy territory, caring for her and trying to protect her from the violence that was going on around them.



25.) Finally, this image of soldiers praying will truly restore your faith in humanity. Just because they are fighting for our country, doesn't mean they are violent or ugly people. These soldiers are protecting us and our freedom, all the while thanking God for their blessings. Truly an amazing sight to be seen.