Girlie, the 1 year-old beautiful stray dog, was found at an Exelon power plant by a worker named Kara. The young dog was feral and extremely wary of humans. However, over the course of a year, the two girls bonded together. Although Girlie was shy around humans, she didn't mind getting close to Kara.



Soon, Kara realized that Girlie needed to find a forever home. Although she hunted for herself and stayed healthy, there were other stray male dogs around. If Girlie became pregnant, life would become much harder for her (not to mention her puppies).



So, she decided to do something! Although Kara couldn't adopt Girlie because already owned 2 dogs and 1 cat, she was determined to find a home for the beautiful stray dog she became close with.





After months of searching, a home was finally found (and this once-feral dog couldn't be happier)!




Many stray dogs aren't as lucky as Girlie; they go years without care or contact with humans. They become frightened, angry and neglected.





We should do everything we can to protect the creatures God put on this earth with us! Spaying or neutering your animals helps cut down on the stray animal population.



If we keep the stray population down, gorgeous dogs like Girlie won't be born on the streets and turn feral.




Thank God there was a kind soul around to help Girlie out of the bad situation she was in; we pray that Girlie's forever home loves her as much as we do! :)