Baby Jessica 30 Years After The Well, Declares Her Life a Miracle

When 18-month-old Jessica McClure fell into a well back in October of 1987, her nail-biting rescue gripped the nation. Three decades later, grown-up Baby Jessica has no memory of the harrowing event. But after surviving the traumatic event and all of the media attention that came with it, the humble teacher knows God was on her side the entire time. And she says her life is a miracle!


Credit: People Entertainment Network


A Terrifying Ordeal


Many will never forget the day Jessica can't remember, especially her parents.


As a toddler, Jessica slipped and fell into a backyard well in Midland, Texas. She stayed wedged 22 feet below ground, in a space that was only 8 inches wide, for nearly 60 hours.



At first, no one even knew if Baby Jessica was still alive. A collective sigh of relief came when she could be heard singing “Winnie the Pooh” from deep in the well. The whole nation was on edge, waiting and praying for Baby Jessica's safety. She became dubbed "Everybody's Baby."


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Meanwhile, rescue crews nervously plotted out a plan for getting her out. It was an extremely daunting and difficult task.


Credit: People Entertainment Network


One wrong move while pulling her out and they could kill her. So, after 58 tense hours, everyone cheered when Baby Jessica was finally brought safely back to the surface.