How One Company Cheered Up an Extremely Sick Little Boy

This little boy received a liver transplant in Seattle, Washington, not that long ago. During recovery, Tanner was having trouble staying positive and making it through the pain and discomfort. 2 days after his surgery, his dad went on, looking for a way to cheer him up with products from his favorite game, Halo.



His dad was looking for a way to contact Bungie, the company that made most of the Halo games. He was hoping to just get maybe a t-shirt or a replica of something in tha game, but what happened was much cooler than that!

As a response to his online posting, Christine, an employee at Bungie Studios, showed up at Seattle Children's Hospital! She brought along with her some goodies for the recovering little boy - and most importantly - a reason for him to smile.

When the little boy saw the replica helment from Halo REACH, he began to get really excited!