There is Something Different About This Aspiring Model - and She Will Inspire You!

Karrie Brown is an aspiring model. Granted, she has only had a few photo shoots, but at the age of 17 that's pretty successful. She was even flown to Wet Seal's corporate headquarters for a special shoot. 


Did we mention Karrie Brown has Down Syndrome?



Karrie has refused to let Down Syndrome stop her from being the loving girl that she is. She has always wanted to be a model, so nothing is going to stop her. In fact, she is on an amazing path to achieving her dreams.



It all started when her mother, Sue, posted a picture of Karrie to Facebook. Many of Sue Brown's friends, who also have children with Down Syndrome, commented on the picture.


They loved how the clothes fit Karrie and wondered where they could buy similar items for their own children.



The answer was Wet Seal, Karrie's favorite brand. The clothing store had begun carrying a line for curvier girls and Karrie loved their clothes. Not only that, but she hoped to model for the company someday.


All of her friends loved the idea and encouraged Sue to set up the Facebook page, "Karrie Brown - Modeling the Future." It didn't take long to get Wet Seal's attention.



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