A small dog was found in the middle of the road in China, in the Ningxia Hui provence.. He refused to move for oncoming traffic and when people realized why, they were stunned.



Beside him was a small body of another dog. The small white dog was struck and killed by a car in the middle of the street. When his friend discovered his death, instead of leaving the dog's side, the brown dog instead curled up next to his body and refused to leave.


The dog stayed next to his friend's body overnight, exposed to freezing temperatures. He didn't mind though, he loved his friend far too much to abandon him.


Passers by finally intervened the next morning by calling rescue services, who helped bury the small dog and took his friend to a shelter so that he could be adopted. Dogs are a part of the Lord's amazing creation and they do have feelings. This picture of one dog mourning for another is proof enough.

(via news.com.au)