This Soldier Would Have Died - But God Stepped in to Save Him - Page 2

Although Nick survived the initial medical care, he had to undergo 30 other surgeries. His heart stopped twice, he contracted many severe infections and he had a brain aneurysm. Nick should have died from all of his injuries - but God didn't let that happen. He worked through the doctors, the supporters and Nick's body to keep him going.



More than 600 people have signed up to run a 5K race in Nick's name next May. The amount of support that is flowing in for Nick and his family is absolutely unbelievable.


"We could never find the words to express our appreciation and gratitude to the hundreds of people who have helped Nick survive his injuries," Sheila Vogt, Nick's mom, told U.S.A. Army Alaska. "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Had it not been for you, we would not have been able to tell the story of Nick's survival. He has a very bright future, and we are so glad that God put you into Nick's life."


God watched over Nick and now has truly blessed him. Let us be thankful that Nick was able to survive this tragedy - and inspire others to overcome their own hardships!