13 Pictures of an Orphaned Elephant Will Melt Your Heart

Meet the baby elephant named Moses! Moses was only 7.5 months only when he was found, abandoned and very close to dying, in the middle of the Vwaza Wildlife Reserve in Malawi. It's thought that his parents were brutally killed by poachers, orphaning poor Moses. If it wasn't for the kind people at the Jumbo Foundation, he would have died in the middle of the wilderness. Instead, these people are raising Moses with their other pets and family members, giving him a family like the one that was torn away from him.


All of the close interaction is very important for Moses, who had such a traumatizing start to his young life.

Social interactions are important for elephants. By nature, they are very social animals and being a part of a herd is critical to their survival.

Although the members of the Jumbo Foundation aren't a herd of elephants, they still do their best to teach Moses how to be like an elephant. 

Moses might think his parents' trunks look funny, but that doesn't stop him from bonding with them like a baby elephant should.