Photographer Removed Cell Phones from Pictures to Show How Lonely World Is

Most of us have been out with our friends and family and looked around to see everyone on their cell phones at the same time. What if the cell phones weren't in the picture? This photographer removed cell phones from a series of photos because he wanted to make a point about how much of life we are missing when we are glued to our phones. This is so POWERFUL!


After noticing families ignoring each other at a local restaurant, North Carolina artist Eric Pickersgill, created his photography series titled "Removed", to show how our addiction to cell phones is separating us from friends and family. After posing the people holding their phones, Eric carefully removed the phones from their hands before he snapped the picture. Each photo shows a missed opportunity where people chose to focus on their phones instead of connecting with others.


Have you ever experienced a time when you felt disconnected from your friends and family because everyone was on their phones?


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credit: Eric Pickersgill

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