A romantic San Francisco man named Joseph Gonzales decided to give his long-time girlfriend a proposal no one else would be able to copy! He decided to ask his girlfriend, Jordan Seibert, to marry him from atop the Golden Gate Bridge! The place knelt down was 746 feet above the area where the San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean.



But not just anyone could plan a proposal like this! The Golden Gate Bridge towers aren't open to the public. Luckily, Joseph had a connection who could get him a private tour.



So whenever they got up to the top, the heavens opened up. It was a typical overcast day in San Francisco, but moments before proposing the sun came out and shone on the couple... as if God was blessing the future marriage. 


As soon as Joseph knelt down, his girlfriend burst into tears of joy. "Jordan immediately began crying when I got down on one knee," Gonzales said. "We had been together for five years and she had supported me through my bachelors and masters degrees, and it was finally my turn to take care of her...I had told her the day before that I got us a private tour of the Golden Gate Bridge so that she wouldn't expect any other surprises. I think she was already distracted with the glorious view of her favorite city -- she didn't see the proposal coming!"



God bless this beautiful (and brave!) couple!


(via huffingtonpost.com)