12 Random Acts of Kindness from Hurricane Sandy - Page 2

7.) A young boy in New York decided to help victims of Sandy by having magic show on the sidewalk and donating any money he made.

8.) Local restaurant Lonestar Taco helped feed unlucky lower Manhattan residents by setting up free taco stands in several locations.

9.) It wasn't uncommong to see businesses lending a helping hand to people without power, just so they could call their families, check the news and find help if they needed it!

10.) Free coffee and food stands also appeared all over the city.

11.) One vet's office offered to give pets brief exams. That way, whether they were stranded or not, people would know if their best friends were in any danger from all of the stress, flooding and other terrible conditions.

12.) In an extremely flooded town in New Jersey, a man with a jet ski made it his mission to rescue those who were stranded in homes, on cars, etc. 


Seeing people help those in need is so heartwarming. If more people could learn to help their brothers and sisters, this world would be a much brighter place - even if there is a hurricane!