Miraculous Rescue of a Tortured Pit Bull Puppy - Page 2

"It's shocking when an animal is abused to this extent," Missouri Humane Society spokeswoman Jean Jay told Fox News. "We are following up on some leads and tips we've received in cooperation with law enforcement." Adding, "The dog is well for what he's been through. He is remarkably calm and friendly."


Trooper was hurt badly from the incident, but he was also a victim of neglect for months. He was frail and the bones were showing through is skin. Anyone with information should contact the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Abuse Hot Line at 314-647-4400; the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this horrible crime is $5,000. You can also find out more information on Trooper, his healing process and donating to support him at Trooper's Facebook page.