14 Unique Wedding Photos Will Make You Smile :)

Weddings are a glorious celebration of love in front of the eyes of the Lord. They are a wonderful time to be close to your family and friends and to really embrace life. 


We love when young couples get a little creative with their wedding photos; they really embrace this new step in their lives and make sure it's a fun, positive day.


These 14 wedding photos are a little nerdy, but we think they will bring a BIG smile to your face! It's so great to see these new bride and grooms have fun with some of their extra wedding photos!


1.) The Jurassic Park photo: the bridal party's look of panic is just a little too realistic. :)



2.) A copycat, the Jurassic Park 2 (The Lost World) photo: we don't mind that they copied, it's still a hilarious photo!



3.) JAWS... the wedding: it seems destination weddings aren't always ideal!



4.) Hanging out with an AT-AT (Star Wars): it's a little nerdy, but there is a whole lot of love there.



5.) Tie fighter attack (Star Wars): the groom may look just like this the first time he has to change a diaper...



6.) Attack of the walkers! (Star Wars): kudos to the bridesmaids for running in heels.



7.) Indiana Jones: no flowers were hurt in the making of this photograph.



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