Brutally Abused Puppy Helps a Boy with Autism Find Happiness

Because of a dog that survived brutal abuse and neglect, one 8 year-old boy with autism has found happiness. Jonny Hickey used to be a boy that was awkward a quiet, barely ever speaking and keeping to himself. Terrified of new experiences, Jonny refused to live life like a normal boy.


After the Hickey family adopted Xena, a rescue dog, Jonny changed completely. He transformed into an outgoing chatterbox, ready to face the world with his canine best friend. He thinks that Xena and he make a perfect team; she makes him brave enough to face the world like we do.

Xena isn't special just because of what she does for Jonny; she is special because of all of the hardships she had to go through before she found her new best friend. She was originally rescued when she, as a puppy, collapsed in someone's yard at only 4 months old. She was emaciated, weak and thought to be dead. She only weighed 4 pounds and the animal shelter she was delivered to thought she wouldn't be able to be revived.


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