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Dog Kept In A Hole In The Dirt Gets The Most Amazing New Family

Someone decided they were done taking care of Pika so they stuck her in a hole in their backyard where she lived for a year before police found and rescued her....

Category: Animals | 0 comments | 03/16/2017

Rescuers Try Something Crazy To Save A Dog Running For The Freeway

When the Hope for Paws crew got a call about a stray dog dangerously close to the highway they rushed to his aid. But when Sailor kept running for the street th...

Category: Animals | 0 comments | 03/16/2017

Crazy-Hyper Show Dog Hasn't Quite Mastered Agility Training...But He's Hilarious

Olly, the Jack Russell, went to the Crufts Dog Show determined to make a splash. His handler may not have been quite so happy with the way he tackled the course...

Category: Funny | 0 comments | 03/16/2017

Groom Tells Everyone 'We Have Become Family Of Three' And Even The Bride Is Surprised

Jeff thought long and hard about what gift to give his bride Jenna on their wedding day. And that was when he remember the thing she has always wanted, a puppy....

Category: Inspirational | 0 comments | 03/16/2017

10 Things You Should Know About Hell

Category: Inspirational | 0 comments | 03/10/2017