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chris landwerlen wrote on 11/08/2012:

acts 5.3 indicates that satan can fill a persons heart with wrong and evil thoughts. that would indicate that he would then know what he had placed there especially due to the fact that many thoughts are evil spirits themselves. 2 cor 10.1 to 4 says we must tear those down. if satans kingdom is so well organized as ephes 6 indicates, then he would be trying to plant wrong thoughts in all christians quite regularly since the battle ground satan operates in is the mind. thoughts have a spiritual nature. they are more than just brain food so it would correlate that satan does have ability to understand to some degree what a person is thinking since its usually he himself that put the thought there to begin with. groundwire.net

chris landwerlen wrote on 07/08/2012:

i encourage you with 1 cor 7.14 for your husband. your faith will sanctify him until he truly gets free from all sin and addictions. acts 16.31 is the promise to claim for household salvation and we claim in jesus name the full deliverance and salvation for your husband and his freedom from drinking as the water of jesus is now flowing over his being liberating him from this vice and any other sin that may have had him bound for whom the son sets free is free indeed jesus amen! john 8.32 to 36

chris landwerlen wrote on 07/08/2012:

dear friend...there is a difference between the gift of tonges as mentioned in 1 cor 12 and the ability to speak in a new tongue through being baptized in the holy spirit. acts 2, 8, 10 and 19. what you need is the baptism of the holy spirit, not the gift of tongues. it may sound confusing but it really isnt. the gift of tongues as described in 1 cor 12 is to be interpreted during the public meeting. the gift of tongues is given by the holy spirit as one of his gifts as he sees fit but the baptism of the holy spirit is different. this is being filled with gods spirit and as an initial manifestation, the person begins to speak in an unknown tongue to him without interpretation according to acts 2, 8, 10 and 19. get into those chapters and you will see the difference between them and 1 cor 12 since paul says not all have the gift of tongues its true but all may speak in tongues according to 1 cor 14 as an uninterpreted prayer language. rom 8.26, ephes 6.18, jude 20. this is also referred to as praying in the spirit. so seek the batptism of the holy spirit with your new language. if your church cant teach it the way it should be then you should consider another church that can. let me know if you would like help finding a true spirit filled church where the difference between the gift of tongues and speaking in tongues is known. chrislandwer@yahoo.com

Heavens wrote on 07/07/2012:

Thank you very much for the information, I appreciated & it is very helpful! God bless :)

chris landwerlen wrote on 05/26/2012:

as christians our focus should be in the new testament. i encourage you to mediate upon the following scriptures to help you understand that there must be a very careful balance between rebuking and overlooking a fault. as christians, most of the time, like jesus, we are going to be suffering on behalf of others weaknesses instead of bringing them to their attention...prov 19.11, rom 14, rom 15, 1 pet 2.18 to 24, luke 9.23, psalm 38.14, 1 pet 4.7 to 8, mathew 7.1 and foll, luke 12.13, john 19.10, 1 cor 13, heb 6

chris landwerlen wrote on 05/25/2012:

dear friend...the word baptism means submersion. its a greek word. it doenst mean sprinkling since infants were never baptized in the bible. the biblical pattern is, believe and be baptized. not be baptized and believe. acts 2, 8, 10 and 19. so your sprinkling as an infant wasnt baptism. you should be scripturally baptised now that you are a believer. the anglican priest is not speaking in agreement with holy scripture but human tradition. mark 7, mathew 15, luke 16, 1 tim 4.1 and foll

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