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chris landwerlen wrote on 11/08/2012:

the christians life must be based on gods word and faith in it. rom 1.17. when god makes a promise that if we confess our sins to jesus that we will be cleansed, 1 john 1.7 to 2.2, then we can stake our lives on the fact that god cannot lie and his promise will take effect in our lives. num 23.19 to 20. as one person said, if god said it, i believe it and that settles it! god is happy when we believe his word. mathew 8. luke 17. he looks for those who trust in his word. 2 chron 16. dont confuse however a heavy conscience for lack of forgiveness. they arent the same things. god will, to help us avoid sin, permit us some sadness whenever we grieve the holy spirit. ephes 4.28 to 30. we are one spirit with god. 1 cor 6, so when god is not pleased with our conduct, although he forgives us, he doesnt want us to forget that we did hurt him and will discipline us with a heavy heart for a while. heb 12. but you are forgiven. god is trying to bring you into jesus image. ephes 4.13 to 16, so when we fail him on that he will let us know that that sin wasnt necessary. 1 cor 10.13. groundwire.net

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