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Pricila wrote on 02/18/2012:

The Power Of Your Words
Proverbs 18:21
21Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Most people, when they desperately want something, will say things like, “I am dying for that piece of cake!” Few will say, “I am living for that piece of cake!”

What is worse is that we are quick to mention death when things go wrong. We Singaporeans are quick to say things like, “Die lah! Die lah!” at the drop of a hat. Nobody says, “Live lah! Live lah!”

Yet, the truth is that every word you speak has power — to build or destroy hopes and dreams, to restore or cause loss, to heal or break the spirit, to bring delight or despair, to bless or curse — for God’s Word says that death and life are in the power of the tongue.

So stop lining your words up with the negative circumstances. Instead, start lining your words up with God’s Word and release the power of His Word to work for you.

For example, instead of speaking lack and poverty, say, “God’s Word tells me that the good things are already here. I therefore pronounce my life blessed. I pronounce my life prosperous. I pronounce my life great. Darkness and gloom, poverty and sickness, defeat and depression, will not be in my life!”

Instead of speaking sickness and death, say, “I will live long. I will not die young. Jesus died young for me so that I can live long for Him. I am the righteousness of God in Christ and God’s Word declares that no evil befalls the righteous. So no evil will come on me now and in the future!”

Instead of speaking fear over your children, say, “God’s Word declares that the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. Therefore, my children are delivered from every curse, every power of darkness and every evil. In the name of Jesus, I call forth a great, bright and blessed future for my children!”

God wants you to have a life filled with good days and an abundance of every good thing. So say, “In the name of Jesus, I command blessings, favor, health, prosperity, protection, dominion and power to fill my life!”

chris landwerlen wrote on 02/17/2012:

psalm 35.10 is in jennifers bones now!!

jeffstrasser wrote on 02/17/2012:

Father I pray with the power given me as a vessel for the Living God, our Lord Jesus Christ that you protect this child of yours from any and all evil forces that seek to harm them in anyway.....I also ask that you give them additional protection Lord....for as the scriptures say "As the world has hated me, so they will you."

I ask you Father that you give them a calm and peaceful spirit....the calm that goes beyond all understanding. I also Father ask that you give them the vision to see the difference between the things that they can change and the things they can't ....because that is where true peace comes from......

I ask that you protect them Father from the confusion, depression and loneliness that affects us all and let them know Father that even when they feel like they have been cast to the side...that nothing..not the angels above or the demons below...or any existing thing on your earth can ever separate them from your love.

Peace be with you and know that you are not alone and that you are loved....I love you....your Christian brother....Jeff

Bei wrote on 02/16/2012:

Mrs. Belen Drilon is not the person she is claiming. Be very careful, Ms. Jennie. God bless...bei

chris landwerlen wrote on 02/05/2012:

stay in touch jenny and stay blessed in jesus!! ephes 1.3 to 6. .

chris landwerlen wrote on 02/05/2012:

jesus breaks all infection out of jennifers life now amen!

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