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texan4jesus wrote on 12/10/2012:

Thanks for those words. God has assured me that He has already done something with the situation at work. I'm glad we serve a God who does not leave His children to deal with troubles on thier own. He actually acts on them. And with mine, He has.

texan4jesus wrote on 12/05/2012:

God never ceases to amaze me. I heard a sermon today that sometimes God will "put us in the fire" to show us His presense. Sometimes it is because that is where He can do the "best work", other times He knows that is the only way we can see Him because of our stubborness. I can tell that you are like me, we are grateful to Him for the love He has for us. Not one single human will ever be even close to having the patience with us that our Father in Heaven has. I know mankind has given up on me for so much less, and yet God is still here with me. Wow.

texan4jesus wrote on 12/04/2012:

Just wanted to stop by to let you know that from what I read on your prayer request post, you and I are having the same effets right now. I am positive, different circumtances, but the effects are the exactly the same. Just seems to me that everytime God blesses us, satan (or ourselves--lack of contentment) keeps us from enjoying His blessing to the fullest. Not fair I tell you, just not fair at all.

GodIsntRealGetOverIt wrote on 11/18/2012:

It's funny, because in my world view, you are the one that needs to be saved.

righteousD wrote on 10/17/2012:

By the Holy spirit, it is best if you have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you haven't you can measure what the spirit is saying against the bible, God will never say anything against the bible.
Like I said I will simply ask within my heart Who is Lord? As satan wants to be as God he will never say Jesus Christ who shed his blood. discerning God's voice was probably the most difficult thing I ever did, it took years and if not careful i could still be deceived. Katie Souza (as well as a couple of others) has an excellent teaching on ascending into Heaven, there only citizens of the Kingdom are allowed so you only hear God. But this takes a descent knowledge of the bible and prayer and fasting to receive, it's not exactly Christianity 101, But the love, peace and joy produce are more than worth the sacrifices.

righteousD wrote on 10/15/2012:

I remember writing that but I couldn't find the question, i went back 5 pages, If you tell me thew question I'd be happy to explain my answer. I apologize that sometimes my answers seem cold, but the truth is more important to me than feelings because I see so many Christians get caught up in feelings and get Neither Jesus nor The apostle Paul spared feelings for the sake of true doctrine. We are more blessed by the truth than a moment of flattery, I still thank God He didn't spare my feelings when I was living in sin, now I know joy not just a bandaid of kind words which I see so many pastors doing these days.

righteousD wrote on 10/14/2012:

I'm not sure what your prefering to, did you get the wrong person?

chris landwerlen wrote on 10/08/2012:

well jesus said in john 4.22 that salvation was of the jews. that is through the descendents of abraham, the messiah being jewish himself. john 1.11 to 12 explains what happened however and rom 2.29 explains what a true jew, which means praise, means to god.

notafan wrote on 10/04/2012:

and YOU have control over that. we explain it this way to our kids..that it is a celebration of harvest and thankfulness to God for a bountiful year. alot of churches will have "halloween" parties as alternatives to exposing their kids to kids in scary costumes. See if you can find one they usually give candy and prizes bob for apples have games. we chose this path not so our kids are dont feel left out or isolated but so they can learn to find God in everything and spread the praise! It is so refreshing to see you care about your childrens spiritual well may parents these days just ignore that part of upbringing. Bless you and your family

chris landwerlen wrote on 10/03/2012:

there are certain things that god can tolerate longer than others. that is clear from what is considered an abomination and what is considered a sin. lev 18 and 20, with 2 kings 23 and romans 1. homosexuality and killing an innocent person are intolerable abominations to god. gen 4. stealing is wrong and sinful but its not in the same category as the abominable acts of ruining another life and supporting witchcraft. 1 sam 15.23.

chris landwerlen wrote on 10/03/2012:

no but at least he knows enough not to murder babies and to marry men and women together

Zoltan Kurtock wrote on 10/02/2012:


I am glad that my post will help you. I thank the Great God for that.

God's love is wonderful!
Zoltan Kurtock

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