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notafan wrote on 04/23/2014:

Great!! I see some others from here are joining also. Maybe Chris will join too?

chris land wrote on 04/23/2014:

clicked the wrong one. now i am on, blessings!

chris land wrote on 04/23/2014:

I'm working on a "replacement" for GodVine's "Answers" page


i click it but it takes me back to godvine

I found a Q&A program that would allow me to put an "Answers" page on my website (www.mansioninheaven.com), but I don't have time right now to try it out.
You've visited this page 3 times. Last visit: 4/23/14

chris land wrote on 04/23/2014:

i try but it sends me back to godvine

chris land wrote on 04/23/2014:

well like when Smith wigglesworth died, people thought the kingdom of god had stopped on earth. so i believe we can get along without godvine!

chris land wrote on 04/22/2014:

well it looks like they are allowing the message board to continue but for how long only the lord knows

chris land wrote on 04/21/2014:

looks like someone is working on mansioninheaven.com to replace godvine.

vierocka wrote on 04/21/2014:

It looks like

chris land wrote on 04/21/2014:

church is growing there great news!

chris land wrote on 04/20/2014:

ps 1 says to avoid ungodly counsel yes

chris land wrote on 04/19/2014:

there were some physical damages in some parts of mexico but nothing too grave. the poor kids in korea truly need prayer!

chris land wrote on 04/18/2014:

yep we felt it. hope it wakes up somebody for jesus!

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