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chris land wrote on 04/19/2014:

there were some physical damages in some parts of mexico but nothing too grave. the poor kids in korea truly need prayer!

chris land wrote on 04/18/2014:

yep we felt it. hope it wakes up somebody for jesus!

chris land wrote on 04/18/2014:

the mexicans here are real partiers and vactioners much to my dislike so you can imagine the time off they like to take. not only do they try and get as much time off during holy week, but then the week after they call pascua from the jewish celebration also. so they get the best of both worlds even though they really dont believe in either one!!

chris land wrote on 04/17/2014:

mr piffin posted that it isnt going to change. only the prayer page so wait and see i guess

notafan wrote on 04/16/2014:


chris land wrote on 04/16/2014:

as i understand it, the directors are not afraid of having disagreement and even some debate perhaps so they made it clear they dont want to remove posts that are controversial as long as they arent using foul language

Ash0167 wrote on 04/15/2014:


chris land wrote on 04/15/2014:

well from here i could only see the top small part of the moon red, the rest looked like an eclipse so we didnt get a good shot of it i guess

chris land wrote on 04/14/2014:

to partcipate in the fellowship of his sufferings, is truly a great blessings! phil 3

chris land wrote on 04/13/2014:

yes back from boresville pueblo again. whew!! chats have been down so you can imagine! blessings with the phillipians°

chris land wrote on 04/12/2014:

lord you have inner healing and peace for viera today!

chris land wrote on 04/12/2014:

Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. you are very well dressed today!...prov 31.25

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