40 Irish Dancers Surprise Shoppers With Awesome Flash Mob

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40 Irish Dancers Surprise Shoppers With Awesome Flash Mob
I've seen a lot of flash mobs. But this amazing Irish dance flash mob had my jaw on the floor. Now this is how you bring a bit of joy to very stressed out travelers! And wow, so talented! I wish I could see a riverdance flash mob What kind of flash mob would you love to see in person?

Flight Attendant Calls Mom With Crying Baby To Back Of The Plane

A mom's baby started crying uncontrollably on a Southwest flight, and she feared the worst as a flight attendant headed her way. Instead of scolding her, the flight attendant escorted mom and her crying baby to the back of the plane. And what he did next wowed everyone!


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No one likes it when a baby starts to cry on a plane. But for the mom, it's excruciating. First, there's the fact that her child is distressed. But then there's the added pressure of being a nuisance the other passengers.



That's just what happened to one mom who was traveling with her two girls. The youngest, guessed to be around one, started to cry. Mom did all she could to try calming the little girl, but nothing worked.


“The mother looked so stressed and it just made my heart break for her because nothing was helping the little girl,” fellow passenger Carrie Jaboor recalled. “When I saw the flight attendant ask her to step to the back, I could tell the mother (and myself) thought she was going to get in trouble."


Unexpected Compassion


The flight attendant escorted mom and her crying baby to the back of the plane. By now, mom was crying too.


But the kind flight attendant hadn't called her back to give her a hard time. He was ready to give her a hand!


The gentleman pulled out a bottle of bubbles and starting blow them for the upset baby. He kept at it until the little girl calmed down. He also passed tissues to the distraught mom, consoling her while simultaneously entertaining her girls.


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Fellow passenger Carrie Jaboor watched on in amazement. The flight attendant's compassion hit her hard, so she snapped a photo and shared the heartwarming moment on Facebook.


Carrie wasn't the only one impressed. Loads of comments poured in praising the flight attendant's act of kindness. Simple as it was, blowing those bubbles was a lifesaver for the stressed mom.


"There are some seriously kind people in this world," Carrie wrote in her post.


And it's just that kind of understanding we need more of in this world!


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