Young Girl Turns All 4 Judges With Incredible Violin And Singing Performance

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Young Girl Turns All 4 Judges With Incredible Violin And Singing Performance

Gabriella immediately stunned the judges when she stepped onto The Voice France stage. She started her audition playing the violin and when she started singing Coldplay's 'The Scientist' I was amazing. No wonder all the judges turned around she is talented!

14 Reasons Why We Should Go Back To Using Hymnals In Worship

More churches are trying to encourage a generational worship experience. Using hymnals is a great start to unifying a multi-generational congregation.


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The growing trend in churches is to abandon using hymnals and replace the experience with projected words on a digital screen. Connecting young and old through sharing a hymn book, learning to read music, and being an engaged part of a church family are just a few ways hymn books bridge the gap. Hymn books take the focus off of the worship leaders and potentially distracting graphics and place it on the shared participation of the congregation as one unified voice.


Here's a look at why we should bring back the hymnals!



1. Using Hymnals Is A Great Teaching Tool


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Learning to follow along in a hymn book gives the reader the first steps in reading music.

2. Using Hymnals Sets A Musical Standard


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Hymnals take the questions out of music. Using a hymnbook gives the musicians, leaders and followers shared knowledge of what the music should supposed to sound like.




3. Using Hymnals Gives Musical Information With The Text


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When the words are on a screen, there is no further musical information given. Singers and Congregants alike have to memorize the song entirely which can be difficult for some.


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4. Using Hymnals Allows People To Sing Anywhere


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What if your church wasn't bound to locations that offer music solely through electronic resources?



5. Using Hymnals Allows The Congregation To Prepare For Next Week's Worship


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Using hymnals gives the congregation the opportunity look up past or future songs and refresh their memory which makes them more comfortable participating.




6. Using Hymnals Keeps Technology Mistakes From Ruining Worship


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Technology lets us down all the time: the slides for worship aren't working, are in the wrong order, or it's showing the wrong song.


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7. Using Hymnals Helps The Singer If Needed


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Not all songs are familiar and hymnals are a great tool for leaders who might need to look ahead in the music.



8. Using Hymnals Can Be A Source Of Theological Information


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Using hymnals teaches younger generations important theological beliefs through lyric.



9. Using Hymnals Gets The Whole Church Involved




Hymnals encourage family participation!


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10. Using Hymnals Can Be Less Distracting


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Returning to the words on a page vs. words on a screen allows the congregation to focus on the meaning of the words by seeing the entire sentence at one time.



11. Using Hymnals Preserves The Beauty Of The Sanctuary


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Sometimes being in a space without distraction can lead you closer to worship.



12. Using Hymnals Keeps Us From Being In A "Song Rut"


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Returning to the use of hymnals gives an unending source of worship music for all events.



13. Using Hymnals As Symbols Of Consistency




In a constantly changing world, using hymnals can be a useful option to keep the congregation feeling a sense of stability and comfort.


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14. Using Hymnals Encourages Generational Worship


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Sharing a hymnal is a great way to join young and old in worship together.



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The story behind the classic hymn, ‘It Is Well With My Soul,’ makes it even more powerful!


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