Jesus died on the cross and gave us the free gift of salvation for anyone willing to accept it. However, our salvation NEEDS to be accepted, we have to embrace Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Not only that, but repenting of your sins is part of accepting that special gift.

What does it mean to repent for your sins? Well every Christian must realize their sins and feel sorry for them - we have to feel remorse for our past conduct or else our salvation won't mean anything to us. We must continually turn away from sin to honor our Lord and to live a Christian life.

It's hard to stay away from sin. Our world is simply filled with it. However, if we keep our Heavenly Father and everlasting life on our minds, that sin is much easier to avoid. So turn away from sin! Repent! That way, you will be able to feel the joy and love of Jesus Christ!

If you want to learn more about repentance, read the Bible verses on repentance below!