Every human whoever existed, except Jesus, has sinned. We were born with Original Sin… So what does the Bible say about sin and sinning? How do we repent? How do we stop? We live in such a sinful world that it almost seems impossible that we will avoid sin for the rest of our lives.

Fear not, praying to God and meditating on the Bible can help you with sin. If you ask for the Holy Spirit to be within you and help guide you, you can avoid sin. You will receive the wisdom and guidance you seek if you just ask for it. Remember, sin is WORDLY and temporary. In the end, greed, sex, money and the rest will mean nothing. What will be important is your love for God and what good things you did in your life.

To embrace our salvation, we must turn away from sin. Repentance is hard, but it is necessary. Don't be scared, because God is here for you. None of us are perfect, so we shoul always turn to God for help.

Read these scriptures on sin below to help with your struggles and sins.