The challenge of being a Christian is the temptations we face every day. Resisting temptation is a very important part of every Christian's life. Christian temptation is different from any other kind, but we CAN be tested and we WILL resist temptation. It's never easy, but Christians have the inner strength to do so if we turn to God.

Even though something sinful in your life might sound good, take some time to reflect on this statement: if today was the last day of your life, what would you want to do? Would you fill your day with sinful experiences, or would you be close to the ones you love? Would you share your love and your compassion? I think we all know the answer to this. So every day, just remember what is TRULY important to you and to God.

Don't let the devil win the battle for your eternal soul - use the Bible and the verses on this page to let God deliver you from temptations. Reading Bible verses on temptation can do marvelous things for your mind and soul. Christian temptation is different from a nonbeliever being tempted - you have the strength to overcome your temptations!