1. A top hat on a cute chick-a-dee? We’ll… we can’t top that! 


Top Hat



2. Who knew that chicks had so much style? Vogue Magazine, get ready!


Purple Hat



3. What’s cuter than a chick in a boater? Maybe a chick in a boater sailing a boat?


Sailing Hat


4. Princess Chick is humble yet the most distinguished of her kind.


Princess Chick



5. Chicks get wittle chilly at times… so only a cozy hat with a pom-pom will do.


Pom-pom hat

6. This chick is ready for a red convertible ride down Too Cute Lane in her lace bonnet.


Bonnet chick


7. This Chick is heading to church in her lovely lavender topper! Praise the Lord for making all this cuteness!


Church Hat


8. These are the finest gentle chicks we’ve ever seen.  


Chick couple


9. We said, “Little chick you look so adorable in your knit hat!” and the little chick said, “Oh, this old thing”


Knitted Hat



10. This fascinating chick-a-roni is ready for tea with the Queen.  


Tea time hat



Psalm 118:1


Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.



Credit: Huffington Post


Picture Credit:  http://juliepersonsphotography.smugmug.com/