Can it get ANY cuter?


These 12 letters from children written to God are PRICELESS! Our children continue to amaze and surprise us with their innocence and wisdom. God loves us as His children, just like these parents love Jane, Joyce and Jennifer. His love for us runs so deep that it's difficult to understand. Maybe I'll write Him a letter today, myself.




1) Jane asks an interesting question. Maybe she recently lost a grandparent.



2) Robert is clearly very excited about being an American! Super sweet.



3) Elliott read my mind. How awesome that a young child could recognize that!



4) Of course he did!



5) This seems to work for my two little boys! LOL



6) Neil is asking questions BEYOND his years.



7) Yes, Jennifer, they did talk more fancy back then.



8) Poor Nan...struggling with such an adult issue. LOL



9) 900 years is a VERY LONG time, Chris. Maybe 90 is a better goal.



10) I believe he did, Donna.



11) These children are making some great points. I know God is smiling.



12) sweet...Mickey. I wish I was there to see your new shoes!!




As I read this letters, I couldn't help but think I'm a lot like these children. I ask all sorts of questions but need to accept that I "might" get to understand the answers and other times not. That's what faith is all about. THIS I do know..."The LORD is my strength and song, And he is become my salvation: This is my God, and I will praise him; My father's God, and I will exalt him." Exodus 15:2


Here are children's answer to the question: What does it mean to pray?



Exodus 15:2


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