Ever have "one of those days?"


What constitutes a 'bad day?' Hair? Weather? Car won't start? Late for (fill in the blank)? Well, these folks are having a worse day than me, for SURE! I'm not laughing at them...but these pictures helped me keep my chin up, for sure. You know what I mean?



1) I love roller coasters but THIS would really freak me out!!



2) Feet first...feet first.



3) Oh man...let's hope it was dry and the signs are old.



4) Map said go right...right?



5) Oh sorry...is that your car?



6) Just beyond the 8th green is out of bounds...for good reason.



7) Um...a little help here.



8) Will this affect my insurance rate?



9) User Error.



10) Honey, I''m gonna be a little late for dinner.



11) Great...I did it again.



12) So, my lanyard's "job" was to help me not lose my keys...now what?



13) In addition to my oil change, I guess I'll take a new front bumper, too.



14) "Daddy - Daughter" work day sounded fun...



15) SNAP! Literally...my key went SNAP!



16) Hello?



In all seriousness, everyday, there is someone out there having a really, really bad day. Try to be patient and kind with each other. You never know, this could be you.



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Psalms 50:15


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