Love is patient, Love is kind.


Have you heard the verse, "Do unto others as you would like them to do to you?" (Luke 6:31) Well, this young man LIVED that scripture out and credits his mom and dad for teaching him this fundamental rule. Now he's being praised worldwide for his kindness to a stranger in his store. This is Christian Trouesdale's story. (Even his name is AWESOME!!)




Christian is an 18 year-old student working part-time as a "Stock Assistant" at the grocery store Aldi in Horwich, in the United Kingdom. This day was really no different than any other, but it sure ended differently.


Christian was approached by a 95 year-old customer with an unusual request. Due to the high winds outside, this gentleman asked Christian if he could walk him home so as to not fall.


Christian, without hesitation, asked his manager if that would be 'OK' and of course, the two agreed that it was the right thing to do. So, he did. Christian walked the elderly man home, hand-in-hand with his groceries in Christian's other hand. How sweet is that?!


As Christian walked him home, he says, "We had a good chat about everything from the General Election to the history of Horwich - he knew lots about everything."


Christian had no idea how much attention - all positive - that he would receive from such a simple act of kindness. It seems, this photo of him walking this man home has struck a chord in everyone's heart.


Christian simply credits his mom and dad for teaching him what is right and wrong and how to treat others. He says all this attention is "very strange because this is just something I would normally do, my parents have raised me to treat other people like you want to be treated yourself."

He's even had a complete stranger come up to him and offered him a hug for doing such a nice thing!


As you would imagine, this has taken-off on social media as well. This picture of Christian holding this gentleman's hand has been shared more than 75,000 times!



The photo and post is from Samantha-Jayne Brady after she witnessed the two and was so awe-struck by his kind and selfless gesture!



Thank you, Christian, for your kind and generous heart. God will bless you for your kind deed. And thank you to the Aldi store manager for also recognizing this gentleman's request was worthy of your worker's time. May God bless you and keep you safe in His hand. Amen!


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Luke 6:31


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