Have you ever wondered what a Disney cartoon would look like in real life? If so, then look no further! This is a collection of amazingly cute animal pictures that just so happen to look strikingly close to their cartoon counterparts. Check this list out - some of these are pretty unbelievable!


19. Dumbo from "Dumbo"


18. Bambi and Flower from "Bambi"

17. Bambi and Thumper from "Bambi"

16. Gus the mouse from "Cinderella"

15. Lady and the Tramp from "Lady and the Tramp"

14. The Dalmatian family from "101 Dalmatians"

13. Arthur the squirrel and his friend from "The Sword in the Stone"

12. Bagheera the panther from "The Jungle Book"

11. Baloo the bear from "The Jungle Book"

10. Pooh and a butterfly from "Winnie the Pooh"

9. Todd and Copper from "The Fox and the Hound"

8. Basil and Toby from "The Great Mouse Detective"

7. Abu and Iago from "Aladdin"

6. Mufasa and baby Simba from "The Lion King" 

5. Timon and Pumba from "The Lion King"

4. Simba and Timon from "The Lion King"

3. Rafiki and Simba from "The Lion King"

2. Koda and Kenai from "Brother Bear"

1. Dora, Nemo and Marlin from "Finding Nemo"

We hope you liked this list as much as we did! :)