Losing a loved one from your life is difficult. It doesn't matter if the loss is due to separation or because of something tragic like an accident or death. The loss is still felt, often deeply.


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When change comes our instant reaction is "Why, God?" It's easy to take emptiness and turn it into anger towards a higher being. The reasons behind losing a loved one could be that relationship be more complicated than we think. Maybe it's not that the reason itself is complicated but rather what we are making it that way. Because God has a plan for your life that is great than you are able to see at the moment, it takes trust in Him.


"God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform. He plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm." -William Cowper (Olney Hymns, 1779)


Here are 4 reasons God may have allowed a loved one to leave your life:



1/5 - The Relationship Was Unhealthy


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Our mothers and grandmothers have repeated this to us through our childhood: "Be careful the company you keep". What if that relationship has become toxic? Sometimes God sees that the person we are focused on is not right for us. It's easy to get caught in a rut and not see the situation for what it truly is. God sees the bigger picture and perhaps He is protecting you from an unhealthy relationship.





2/5 - They Weren't Appreciated By You


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This can hurt. What if the reason God removed that person from your life was because you were taking them for granted? It may be the person who was "old reliable" in life was not being seen for the value that God had for them. It's easy to become focused on ourselves and forget that those around us are part of our success story. What happens when we aren't appreciating them and working to build them up as well? Maybe God saw the need for them to be in a better relationship. These are the hard moments when being reflective might mean learning from our mistakes.




3/5 - God Was Making Room For Someone Else In Your Life


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We've all heard the saying: "When one door closes another one opens". This quote may be more true than we realize. A break in a relationship could be an open door for someone who is closer to what God plans for both of your lives. It's hard to trust that a change in a relationship may be in your best interest. Sometimes these moments take more faith in the outcome and more trust in the results.


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4/5 - He Called Them Home To Be With Him


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This could be the hardest reason to comprehend. Of course, only God knows the full reasons behind the passing of a loved one. It is especially difficult when a little child is the one who is removed from our lives. The easy reaction is to think that God doesn't care, is heartless or doesn't exist. It's agreed that we cannot always see the "bigger picture" and this may be one that we aren't supposed to understand. It could be as simple as they fulfilled their purpose here and now have greater things to do by His side.


If this is your situation, we pray you will experience peace and be comforted.




5/5- How Do We Allow Loss To Transform Us?


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Whatever the reason for God removing a loved one from our lives, we agree that our hearts and lives are changed forever. Each relationship is valuable. Whether we learned what not to do or how to be a better friend or family, what we take away from it is what's important. It's time to focus on how to love deeper and to bring blessings and value to others in each moment we have here together!


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