Deli-guy Shane, works at Walmart and has a lot of really clever ideas. This worker really enjoys his job and keeping management on their toes!


A coworker of "Shane the Walmart Deli-guy" started posting some of managements' corrections to Reddit. Everyone wants to enjoy their job and Shane is no exception. We suspect that being a deli worker at Walmart may not be Shane's dream job. But Shane seems determined to climb the ladder of sales - even if that means hawking the deli equipment itself!


Perhaps Shane is just a figment of a few Walmart employees' imaginations but for now, we're happy to envision deli-guy Shane grabbing snapshots of his customers when they order "cheese"!


1. Ordering At the Deli Might Be A Million Dollar Question



Does the option still stand to poll the audience? Salami or pastrami?




2. Walmart Doesn't Have A Secret Stash



But if they did have goodies in the back, would the rollback smiley face point the way?


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3. Shane the Deli-Guy Has A Knack For Sales



What's the going price on a frequently used meat slicer?




4. Is That Roast Beef Or Roast Turkey?



If you guess the meat do you get a discount?




5. Once You Drive It Off The Lot, It Depreciates Quickly



How do you know when it's time to call in the warranty on fried chicken?


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6. There May Be Pieces To This Puzzle Missing



What is the suggested age limit for this assembly project? 3 years + ?




7. Shane Aspires To Greater Things



It's probably better that Shane practices with paper bags than the partially assembled chickens!




Credit: Daily Viral Stuff 


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