#9 - Baby farm cow


The most beautiful thing about this baby is her big brown eyes. Such an adorable calf!



#8 - Baby elephant


This goofy elephant calf will teach you a thing or two about smiling. :)


#7 - Baby Giraffe


The more wild a baby is, the cuter it is! This gangly giraffe baby is just too cute.


#6 - Baby rabbit


During the summer, if you're lucky, you'll see one of these little guys!



#5 - Baby seahorse


We love this particular baby because it's so unique ... and a miniature of mom!


#4 - Wolf Cub


Arooooo! This wild wolf cub just wants to play!


#3 - Corgi Puppy

Of course this list wouldn't be complete without a happy, floppy-eared Corgi puppy!


#2 - Cute Kitten

Why hello, Mr. Kitten, you're looking quite dapper this evening!


#1 - Baby seal

There are so many cute babies in the world... it's a shame we can't cuddle with this one!